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Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages! Prepare to be amazed by the most interesting and entertaining series of office-sport related events to ever grace the history of mankind. That’s right, it’s the never-before seen, soon to be internet-televised 1st Annual Fred Olympics! ..Or Fredlympics for short. Titled after LeadVision’s very own star-on-the-fly-challenger Fred Mitchell (No relation.) Don’t let the ‘Annual’ title fool you though, folks. These events take place much more often than the namesake is giving credit for! And you, our faithful audience shall bear witness to all of it’s glory as we span the course of these events in excruciating detail and visual flair.

*Rumor even has it that one of the events actually comes with a penalty box for the loser. More details as the story develops.

The leading lineup of events:

  • Michael Jackson Dance-Off
  • Cornhole Contest
  • Diamond Pushup Endurance Match
  • Pull-up Contest
  • Push-up Wheel Test
  • Build-off
  • Web-off

Results from the Dance off Below:

With many more on the way, I’m sure the list will grow! Stay tuned via Social Media, or leave a comment below in count of how many events you think Fred will complete over the course of the competition!

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