LeadVision is a Delaware Corporation with operations in Charlotte, North Carolina. LeadVision was started in April of 2006 with the idea of connecting customers to service providers in very niche areas. The first market we dove into was the forklift market. I know that sounds strange, but think of it this way. How many companies use forklifts? Any business with a warehouse.  How else could Home Depot put thousands of pounds of lumber on a shelf, fourteen feet high in the air? How else could Carnival Cruise Lines get enough food and drinks for 4,000 passengers for an entire week? How else could Boeing move airplane wings and other heavy parts around their warehouse? Get the point? Good, now on to the next point. If I asked you where the closest forklift dealership was to your current location, could you get me there? If you are like most people, the answer would be, “No”! That is because forklift dealers are where car dealers were 15 years ago. There is no Carmax for forklifts.  There is no Kelly Blue Book or NADA. The marketing for this industry is relatively archaic. So, what have we learned here. Most companies need forklifts and forklift dealers don’t advertise particularly aggressively. Hence, the birth of LeadVision and our first website www.123Forklift.com. This site is about as niche as you can get. The closest thing I can equate it to would be an orphan drug in the pharmaceutical market. A niche market like this will keep most competitors at bay, and quickly became a staple among the forklift community.


We provide dealers with a cheaper marketing mechanism than they could do themselves. We find people who need forklifts and get them multiple bids from forklift dealers without having to leave their yoga class.  Customers love us and the dealer community loves us.



Once we fill up the network in the U.S., we move on to our international markets. Once the international markets are full, we start other lead programs in other verticals. We understand how the lead generation game is played, so it becomes a matter of picking and choosing your markets based on a number of different factors to include the competitive landscape, advertising costs, volume of potentials subscribers, site complexity, etc. The life cycle for a new website is about one year. This includes the initial research, content development, identification of potential subscribers, design, development and programming of the site, setting up the advertising and launch. The cost makes it somewhat prohibitive given that we fund out of cash-flow.  The cost controls how many sites I can develop over a specific period of time.


David(Web)There are currently no investors and I am the only owner of the company with 100% of the equity. The company is profitable and carries no debt whatsoever. We are interested in speaking with investors to help fund the development of new sites, add additional headcount including executive team members and contribute to ongoing operations. For our first round, we would be seeking an investment in the range of $750,000 – $2,000,000. Valuation conversation will take place by phone, Skype or in-person meeting.

If you have an interest in our business, please contact David Teifer, CEO: